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2 panel comicjam with artist Steven Kraan – click here to see his drawing daily Facebook page!

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At Newark Airport (EWR) waiting for a flight to Denver (DEN) where I’ll connect to my final destination, Medford, Oregon (MFR).  Phonetically, my hometown’s airport code is “em-effer”.

Erin Go Blog

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Thank God I didn’t know what “Hoodia” was until a few moments ago.

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Sound of doorbell..

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Comicjam with artist Steven Kraan / drawing daily.

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A collaborative jam kicked off by artist Steven Kraan from Rotterdam.  Click here to view Steven’s tenacious and brilliant fan page, drawing daily – where, as the title suggests, he posts a new comic strip or drawing every day.

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Click on image to enlarge.   This was a homework assignment for the Independent Projects Seminar: Comics / with Matt Madden and Tom Hart. I was asked to take two characters from the blog and create a dialogue.

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Bring it

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

1st comic strip homework for Tom Hart & Matt Madden’s Independent Projects Seminar: Comics @ SVA.  The assignment was to use a previous post (in this case, January 4) and create a sequence with the post as the last panel.  Not feeling especially ‘lmao’ here.  Thanks to Steven Kraan in Rotterdam for his helpful feedback this morning.

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Pacific Northwestern ghost bangs of 1989

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