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My grandfather,  Sam, was stationed in England during WWII.  He spent his time off in pubs, where he learned a few choice limericks (among other things.)  He’d often recite these, and at a young age I began to repeat what I was hearing  (there was no one around to tell me I couldn’t).  Let’s see.., there was “The man from Nantucket”.. everybody knows that one.  Then there’s the “Dundee / Ape in a tree” one above, (which, btw, doesn’t have a pretty ending).  And who could forget the “Woman from Hazelhurst”  who, ‘when she would wee she would whistle first..’  which, ends with her bladder bursting.  Sam would always make a very dramatic sound effect at the end.  ”Bing Bam BOOm and her bladder burst!”  There were others as well.. It’s been a few years since Sam passed on, he’s forever in my heart.  Thank you for the limericks and much more, Grandpa!



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