I needed to make birds!  The Western Meadowlark (above) is the official bird of my homestate, Oregon.  It’s also the official bird of Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wyoming. Only the Northern Cardinal is more of an official state bird whore.  I only remember seeing Robins and the Blue Jays growing up.  I’ll always distinguish between these two as – one was perfectly acceptable to kill with a Beebee gun, and the other was the virgin Mary of birds – to hurt a Robin would be sacrilege even for the least discerning squirrel thumping redneck.  The meadowlark is beautiful.  I don’t do it justice here.. But it’s almost midnight and I’m committed to posting a drawing a day – before midnight, good or bad!  I sort of made it super bird with the ‘V’ on its chest.  Thanks for visiting, and for reading.

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