Howdy, Neighbor

At the end of the dead end road where I grew up, there was a biker woman who lived in a little rental house. It annoyed her that we chose the street as our playground.  She’d ride by on her chopper and growl in a smoker’s voice, “get outta the way!”  followed by an eye-roll and a “Jeeezus H”..  Sometimes she would even flip us off with a smile.  Keep in mind we were a group of 10 to 12 year olds.   She was riding past us one day when the animosity bubbled over.   Someone (John D, I think) threw a green tennis ball – lodging it in the back of her motorcycle seat with a “plunk”.   Our little mouths dropped in what felt like slow motion as she turned her big long bike around to come for us.   In the moment when she dismounted,  I remember her black leather pants looked like they’d been won in a knife fight.  She could have been the aging CBGB mascot-love child of Patty Smith and Iggy Pop, only I don’t think she’d ever been outside of Oregon.  Her words came out like an adult-child bully… (at this point I’d already learned not to take anyone seriously who used the word ‘aint).  I remember staring at the 5 inch gap in between her thighs as she was yelling.  I kept thinking, “how did that space in between her thighs get so wide?”  ”Is riding a motorcycle like riding a horse, or what?”    It’s true that we did take up a lot of room on the street when we played kick ball.

3 Responses to “Howdy, Neighbor”

  1. AM Says:

    I LOVE THIS ONE, esp the blue color with the black and white! Your sketches continue to be awesome! Love ya!

  2. Ragan White Atkinson Says:

    Sounds exactly like something Jon D. would do!

  3. admin Says:

    Totally. Thinking of them a lot lately.

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