Closet Kitchen

Banal apartment drawings..  sigh.  I jazzed this one up with some color.  I think my kitchen was once a walk-in closet, converted right after the fall of Stalinism..

4 Responses to “Closet Kitchen”

  1. Jani Says:

    I love this drawing – I have great memories fixing up that “banal” kitchen with you one hot summer week – even the small rack above the sink is a fond memory.

  2. Jani Says:

    I love this drawing. I have fond memories of fixing up this “banal” kitchen with you one hot summer week.

  3. Gr Aunt Lola Says:

    Jess I check your blog for a great end to the day. I love it and I have never even said Thank You for the daily uplift (or not) At least it always makes me think, or laugh or just admire your mind Love Gr Ant Lola

  4. admin Says:

    Thank you, Aunt Lola! I appreciate this beyond words. Love,Jess

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